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Too soon for Easter eggs?


*Can you believe it? Within a few weeks of Christmas finishing, shops across the UK are filling their shelves with Easter eggs. But is that good planning on behalf of the UK’s retailers, or something that consumers are just not ready for?* Out with the baubles, in with the eggs Take a glance down one of your local shop or supermarket aisles next time you visit, and...


Lifestyle Express: what shopkeepers really think of it!


*Lifestyle Express is professional store development scheme that independent shopkeepers are signing up to around the UK. It delivers support and impartial advice on store refits, product ranging, layout, merchandising, pricing, promotions, own branding and technology. * So why is it so popular and what does shopkeepers really think about it? Average sales growth improvement of 30% It really does work! Retailers confirm that they have secured up to...


Why so many independents prefer the Lifestyle Express brand


*Ask any shopkeeper that has signed up for the Lifestyle Express retail development scheme and they will tell you how it’s helped to grow their customer base and increase their sales turnover. * Championing independent shopkeepers across the UK *It’s good to know that there is someone out there, ready to champion the UK’s smaller, independent retailers.* At a time when so many smaller shops have had...


Lifestyle Express has arrived in a high street near you!


*In a day and age when competition is heavy, discounting widespread and consumers on the look out for a bargain, independent shopkeepers need to be constantly re-thinking their retail approach, to stay ahead and keep their customers happy and in the mood to buy! * Every customer counts Whether you’re a big multiple or a small independent store, shopkeepers and store managers should never take their customers for...


Lifestyle Express – how can it benefit my shop?


*Lifestyle Express is a brand associated with keen pricing, quality and the best in product choice. So why are so many independent shopkeepers on our high streets opting to reinvent their store through this highly innovative scheme? * What is Lifestyle Express and what can it do? Lifestyle Express is a store re-development programme promoted through East End Foods plc of West Bromwich. In these competitive times, independent...


Small convenience stores v the big boys. How do you compete?


*If you’re a small, independent shopkeeper that sees more and more supermarkets popping up around you, it’s understandably frustrating. Did you know that your local cash and carry might be able to help you fight back? They can help you to grow your customer base, sharpen your promotions and offer some great retail tips – all designed to get more shoppers through your doors. * The ‘convenience’...


Do your shelves have that Christmas appeal?


*Are you a savvy retailer? Do you know what it takes to get people into your store? There are so many subtle, but effective ways of stocking your shelves with the things that shoppers will be enticed by, and encouraging them to spend just a little bit more with you, this Christmas. * With loads of shops already promoting Christmas offers, the clock is ticking –...


How to get more customers into your store this Christmas


*From festive carrier bags, in-store decorations and great deals (bogof, multiple buys), to nibbles on your counter, free gift wrapping and own branded gift sets, Christmas is a time for creative ideas to entice people into your shop. The question is: are you doing all you can to get shoppers in so they can buy, buy, buy!! * Shoppers get into festive mood Imagine how much more...


Is your store making the most of the festive period?


*With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is the time to shake up your promotion strategy and get to grips with what else you can do this season, to make your shop stand out and attract the footfall you need to make a healthy return. If you’re struggling to get shoppers in during the festive period, then there’s little hope for the rest of...