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Promotional Material

As a member of Lifestyle Express you receive great promotions and offers for your store. Promoting these offers to the general public can be great way of creating footfall through your store therefore leading to an increase in sales, we have provided a number of useful marketing materials to help you do this:

Lifestyle Express Booklet

As a new member of Lifestyle Express at one of our depots, we provide you with a Lifestyle Express ‘Hot House’ booklet.

This booklet displays all our offers including local promotions. With 500 copies to utilize, they can be sent out in papers, posted or distributed by other means.

The leaflet is a great tool for increasing the awareness of your local shop and the awareness of the promotions in store.

Lifestyle Express Promotional Posters

These Lifestyle Express promotional posters provide you store with professional image, they can be displayed either in store or in shop windows.

The simple and effective design helps create awareness of competitive promotions that are in store. Growing the likeliness that customers will either purchase more or you will have an increased footfall.

Point of Sale Material

The Lifestyle Express P.O.S material helps trigger impulse purchases in the consumer.

The clear sign posting of the material which is found either directly in front of the product or the checkout will help draw the customer’s attention to the products.

This can only help increase the number of impulse purchases in your store.